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First thread here:) ideas for mac mini install

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  • First thread here:) ideas for mac mini install

    I am looking for any ideas on an install of a 'Mac Mini' on an '07 Tacoma 4dr w/ Avic D-3 HU... also a MB Pro 17" for portable location shoots for my production and design studio. I'd love any and all input... I'd even love to run a 23" HD or 30" for my clients to view while shooting, slideshows or film to final FTP upload... this seems to be the place!

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    i would love to know far, i found out that this site is a great place to find a cable to power the mac mini


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      So far, my research has pointed to the Carnetix P1900 DC-DC regulator to power the Mac Mini, which will also supply up to 12v power for the screen. I also found the cable mentioned above. All the wiring seems pretty straight forward, just make sure you know which wires are what. The mac mini will most likely go into your dash (in place of your HU, or head unit, which is the preinstalled radio system) or in your glove box if you want to save your HU. I don't know about powering or mounting a 23"-30" screen, but if you do, then look into one with a DVI connection, it will give the best picture quality without need for a DVI-VGA converter from your MBP or your MM. You will also need to use a keyboard/mouse to control the MM, which won't go over well while driving, nor will the large screen in general. Maybe use a smaller touchscreen mounted in the cabin for everyday use, and a second, large screen for external display when needed.
      Most importantly, look on the forums and observe how others did their install. You'll be on your way in no time.


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        mac mini install w/ touchscreen and external for 23" HD studio display

        Thanks you guys! Lets keep this going, I was also thinking of mounting the mini in the center console or in the open compartment underneath the HU and the AC control panel... I was thinking about installing some mid-high end 7-10" touch screen (suggestions welcome), though I think there might be some challenges there, since I'd really like to power a second 23" display, mainly for client viewing and/or 'on location' filming/shooting and editing. There are a ton of fun and super creative ideas, off-road filming or shooting possibilities with multiple camera mounts, anywhere from the frame to the roof racks- endless possibilities for getting footage of cyclists, longboarding, mountainboards, etc. , even some extremely visionary landscapes or fashion images or footage that can be instantly broadcasted/ streamed or uploaded to viewers or clients. I apologize if I am off track, but I was just trying to give a little insight to my vision of what I am hoping to create! I have already done some remote shooting with six cameras (2 video and 4 still) mounted and have had some amazing results... I'd love any input to take it to the next level! I appreciate those who have already given some great inout!


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          You could use a leisure battery to power the extra screen. Or you could run the touchscreen through the 12v accessory power port, then use the second power connection on the P1900 for the larger monitor. The idea sounds awesome, and would open incredible possibilities for you, but there needs to be some work and research to be done first. It looks like the most common 7" screens used are the Xenarc or the Lilliput. You'd have to do some more research on them, as I'm using an out of dash 15" solution. Look around and talk to some of the other members. I'd love to see your set-up once you figure it out...