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  • Newbie Says Hi!

    I found the forums by doing a search for a mini keyboard.

    I currently have a 2006 Honda Fit that is capable of reading MP3 CDs, so I dont feel the need to upgrade this car. However, I also have a 1988 Chevy Camaro that is just begging for a tech-overhaul. First things first is to get the engine rebuilt (and downgraded to a 6cyl... ugh, gas prices).

    I first learned of carPCs when I bought a book on the topic of Amazon. My first attempt was REAL limited... I swapped out the ashtray in the Camaro for a specially built dock for my Creative MuVu 256mb mp3 player. The dock allowed the player to slide in, similar to the way a flash card slides into a drive. By docking, the unit slid onto the plug for an FM transmitter which drew its power from one of two custom power packs... a modified 4D (wired to use only three cells for 4.5v) or a power tap from the cigerette lighter. The pack was built after the lighter socket burned out... wasn't worth replacing.

    Eventually, my plan is to use my old Compaq TC1000 tablet as a complete onboard system. Since my mp3 collection tops out at only 5.5 gig, I'm not desperate for huge storage, but I also want the ability to do word processing and net surf.

    Any thoughts?
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    I am a newbie myself. I think the most important step in any carputer is PSU (the power Supply Unit) as you wanna make sure you have enough power for your system without disturbing your electrical system and battery.