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    Ok, CarPC enthusiasts, GPS gurus... I have read just about every thread here, googled till my fingers hurt and I can not find what I imagaine to be the simplest handiest most common sense application- the closest I have found is an app from
    However this is a windows mobile app.

    Simply put I want to capture the data stream from the GPS and in a very simple front end automaticly track miles driven, average speed, peak speed. As well by user input I would enter gallons as fuel when I fill up. The app would calculate the MPG. Calculations would be based on the previous "Fill Up" date, or if we get really froggy maybe write it to be flexible, say last fill up date or 2 or 3 or since the beginning or whatever.

    Before I get bombarded... The current system is in a 1980 VW rabbit, diesel pickup... so OBDII is not an option.

    And before you laugh I am getting average 48.9 mpg, which is 282% better than my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    I know that the miles tracked would not be as accurate as other methods, but if the vehicle is in motion the gps is running so it should be close enough that the discrepancy is statisticly insignificant.

    For expansion, perhaps another more detailed page could be rendered from this data, at the "Fill-Up screen" perhaps type of fuel and cost per gallon, another calculation could be ran to indicate cost per mile, or money saved by driving a 50mpg vehicle over a 17mpg vehicle... Honestly if I can get the basic data from the gps into something spreadsheet like I think I can generate just about anything else.

    I have layed up a very simple base in excel (see hosted pic), so if anyone has a good opensource/ freeware method of scripting an import of the data log from the GPS to the spreadsheet I could work with that. If any of you experts have other ideas how to pull this together I would really like to see it!