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My carputer specifications. Any suggestions?

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  • My carputer specifications. Any suggestions?

    Hello everybody!

    I have decided, after a frustrating testing phase using my laptop, to buy a "normal" mini pc specifically made for automobile purposes. Unfortunately my laptop got overheated and isn't qualifying any more for this job. After reading several articles in the forum i have decided to purchase the following products:

    New Intel D201GLY2A Little Valley with 1.33 GHz Celeron Processor (Fan Cooled)

    VoomPC-2 CarPC Enclosure

    M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU


    TWINMOS 001-533-TWI DIMM DDR2 CL4 1GB PC4200 (533MHZ)


    I already have the indash LCD touchscreen which is shown in the following link :

    and a typical GPS usb antenna (Navilock NL-302U).

    I plan to power the whole system through M2-ATX. I mean the carputer AND the monitor. The reason is simple : I have noticed that the screen flickers from unregulated car battery voltage. Well, is it possible to accomplish that?

    I have read in the forum that many people had issues with M2-ATX power supply (burning equipment and/or catching fire) and that seems pretty scary indeed!

    Well, can anyone help me with this setup? Is the wattage consumption ok or will the power supply be ruined ? How can i measure the wattage consumption?

    Please feel free to post any comment you like about this setup and your suggestions!

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    My carputer specifications. Any suggestions?

    Come on guys!
    At least someone who knows, tell me if this setup is efficient (the M2 power supply with this motherboard). And if you please, how can i measure the overall wattage consumption?


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      looks like the same thing mp3car uses in their basic setup. should be fine.


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        I've heard a few negative things about the Voom case, although I haven't used one myself. I bought my case from and am very happy with it. It's very solid and the few extras that they put into it make it real easy to use.
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          I;ve been having overheating issues with my comp. I have the voom case. Other negative is can't add a pci riser card if you wanted to.

          My 2 cents, find another case. AS well as don't cheap out on the mobo. You'll be sorry you did down the road.


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            Thank you all for your answers!

            blackcobra487 thank you for telling me about the mocoso website. The case is fantastic indeed! The awesome thing about it is that it can power an external lcd touchscreen. Well i have changed my configuration and i will purchase the following items from mocoso:

            Black Aluminum Mini ITX Car PC Case

            Intel D945GCLF Little Falls Mini ITX Motherboard

            160 Watt M2-ATX Intelligent Power Supply

            External USB Slot Loading DVD Combo Drive

            ELM 323 OBD II Interface

            TWINMOS 001-533-TWI DIMM DDR2 CL4 1GB PC4200 (533MHZ)

            WESTERN DIGITAL WD1600BEVS HDD 2.5'' 160GB SATA

            I intend to use Centrafuse 1.20 as car navigation system. I have tried Road Runner but seems to be impossible to navigate using the newer Destinator maps.


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              I use RR with iGuidance and am very happy with it. Haven't used it too extensively, but it does have a number of good features and is designed to be used with a touch screen.
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                is that a wd passport drive (the kind powered solely via usb)?

                if it can accept a separate power usb cable (or is powered some other way), then disregard this post, otherwise...

                i bought a 160gb wd passport, powered solely via one usb data/power cable, and after about 3 months of near constant usage (I'm not surprised or anything, I just didn't think that it would happen to me) my computer's USB bus can no longer power the drive (but it can power various other usb devices). I now have to replace the motherboard, since the bus isn't a separate module, and that's a headache because i spend a lot of time on the computer...

                anyway, just a word of warning. there are many ways to avoid the problem, but it helps to be thinking about it before it happens, because as it is said, hindsight is 20/20...


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                  I think your system looks good. You should be able to run the monitor off of the M2 fine. You may have to wire a standard Molex connector to the monitor and plug it in like a hard drive.
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                    amizcuz ...
                    This is an internal 2.5 inch sata laptop drive and is powered by the power supply. Well, the worst that could happen to the drive is to die from the harsh in-car conditions. We'll see..

                    Yes. And i am very lucky that the case supports powering external screens. Clean solutions!


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                      glad to hear it. too bad flash memory is so much more expensive per gb than hard disks. hope it all works out!

                      edit: could you measure the wattage by checking the draw on the battery with... an amp meter or something, while you're maxing out the computer's processor, with all your other peripherals and stuff going on at the same time? that would probably get you in the ballpark for peak amperage, no? and watts are amps*volts, correct?

                      if you can't think of a way to do it yourself, there are programs out there designed to test your computer's abilities (write speed, processor speed, etc.) that will let you max out your processor while still controlling what your computer is doing... i know of one such program (it uses another program called treesize but i can't remember the name of the combination), it's all f/oss and it's pretty simple. i think it would work for maximising the draw from the processor... hopefully that's of some use

                      edit again: heh, i was really tired when i reread my post and thought up the rest of the ingenious post... feel free to ignore the above i won't delete it just in case it helps, though, i can't care about my internet image too much