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My First Carputer Parts Question

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  • My First Carputer Parts Question

    Okay so i'm pretty sure i've figured out most of the parts i'm going to use, but being new i thought it'd be a good idea to see what all you veterans had to say on the subject. Onto the list!

    Motherboard: MSI Fuzzy GM965
    CPU: C2D T5550
    Monitor: Xenarc 702TSV
    RAM: 1 GB DDR2-667
    PSU: 320W Opus
    GPS: BU-353 USB rcvr (with iGuidance)
    HDD: Seagate ST3500320AS 500GB sata2 7200rpm 3.5"
    Audio Interface: either Auxmod or Car2PC

    From what i've gathered, the power for my components are:
    MB: According to the manual, with a T7100, 2GB DDR2 667, 500GB sata2 seagate hdd, and nvidia fx1400 running xp pro sp2 it uses at peak:
    3.3V x 1.66A = 5.478W
    5V x 3.22A = 16.1W
    12V x 4.5A = 54W
    CPU: 35W from the 12V rail
    Monitor: 10W from the 12V rail
    RAM: not sure, though from one of the power calculators for DDRI it lists 10W for one stick of 1GB ram so i'm guessing something around there, not sure which rail it draws from though
    GPS: 5W on the 5V rail
    HDD: 12W on the 12V rail
    And the opus puts out 15A on each rail so, 180W, 75W, and 49.5W on each of the 12, 5, and 3.3 rails respectively. So i think i'll have enough power, even should i choose to add other features at some point. (this is the item i'm most worried about)

    So any opinions would be great (ie: did i miss something totally obvious that will make it not work), it'll most likely be going in the trunk of my mazda 6 in a case i'll built to fit it in. I'll be using it for gps and music/movies in the beginning until i get around to adding in BT and anything else i want.

    Also for my power wire from the bat to the opus, i'm under the impression that it can draw up to 320W at whatever voltage the battery supplies, i guess around 12? So then i would have roughly 27A going about 20' so from the gauge chart it would seem i need 8 ga wire. Does this sound right or am i off somewhere?


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    t5500 is socket m... you need socket p. bxsteez and myself are both having issues with getting the gm965 board to start up as well.


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      it's the T5550 and i'm pretty sure it's a socket p,

      yeah, i saw those problems you guys have been having but i like the board's features for its price so i'm going to give it a shot


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        alright well i ended up getting a T5450 from ebay instead.
        aside from the motherboard issues anyone have any other advice (especially on my power calcs)?