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New to carputers - Double Din LCD for Mazda 3

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  • New to carputers - Double Din LCD for Mazda 3

    I have a Mazda 3 GT and want to put a carputer in it. I'm trying to find a really good touchscreen lcd panel to fit in the double din slot for the Metra 95-7504 kit.

    This guy:;topicseen basically did what i want to do, however instead of a stand alone system I just want an lcd touchscreen there so i can put my own computer in it.

    Anyone know of any lcd's that would fill that double din slot well?

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    You can fit any 7 inch screen in the Metra Kit opening perfect. Any bigger sizes will take a little work to fit them in. I went with a 8 inch screen instead but could not fit it flush in the dash.
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