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Integration Basics - Volume Control?

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  • Integration Basics - Volume Control?


    New to CARPC.

    I'm buying a new car soon and I'm not getting a super stock system. But I want to add either an aftermarket soln or a carpc.

    I'm not too sure about replacing the head unit since I may very well get the steering wheel control (I know there's adapters and maybe I'll need to look into this someday but for now I"d like not to).

    Anyway, HOW IS EVERYONE integrating their CARPC as far as:
    - volume/mute control - If I replaced the stock head I think I would feel frustrated with "finding" the volume control on screens and such (same for mute). I guess if the steering controls were integrated that would save that but...what if I DIDN'T have steering wheel controls?
    - if keep stock head, how to integrate the pc? Through the aux input? Then I couldn't have navigation at the same time as FM...right?
    - FM radio. If get rid of head unit, need to buy a PC FM card, right? This work well for everyone"

    IN GENERAL, can any one relate their designs as far as general usability? I have a wife with (extremely) limited patience when it comes to electronics and usability. The last thing I need is having my wife so PO'd she doesn't want to evern try to listen to the radio when driving the car.

    Thanks in advance,


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    search the forum.
    All of if had been covered.

    for the volume control, search for pac lc1
    dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>