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    Anyway, new guy here, looking to get info on my first carpc/carputer install.

    2005 Nissan Murano SL AWD, OEM dvd, non-navi 7" H.U.D.

    Got a NIS PACII installed with Sirius Sat radio on one of the inputs. Second input will be the CarPC audio.

    I'm trying to figure out the build on a mini ITX that will fit in my glove box under the OEM dvd unit.

    Also, need to figure out where the touchscreen display will mount since the H.U.D. needs to remain in the vehicle showing HVAC controls and radio display.

    Holy crapola the front end decision is going to kill me! I know I'm really asking for a lot here, but can someone give me a short breakdown on some of the more popular ones. Just some background info on what the general concensus is, what they can/can't do, and ease of operation/start-up.

    I'm a small electronics technician, but I'm not a pc programmer by any means. Building computers to me is about as hard as it would be for the normal person to build a sandwich. Software though is another story, if a new driver or a re-format reinistall doesn't fix it, I'm SOL.

    Oh, the say muffins thing is a stupid thing I used to say when I would meet new people. I would tell them to say muffins just for the hell of it, it broke the ice, and helped people remember me as that wierd guy that was obsessed with muffins.

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    I'm trying to figure out how a newbie got that nick! Figured that would have been gone ages ago. Especially in this crowd.
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      Awww special ed!!! Crankyankers comes to mind. Do you know the muffin man?

      Dude, you sound a lot like me! I love to mess with hardware and electronic components, but I hate dealing with software issues!
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