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Brand New 20 Minutes - QX4 New AVIC D3

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  • Brand New 20 Minutes - QX4 New AVIC D3

    Great site and great work you are all doing. I was inspired by doing a search for "QX4 Side Panels" because my side panel fell off my 2001 QX4 and I ran over it crushing it. (Recent body work ice + tree)

    It just so happens I found a Google link to your forum and by chance I also just purchased a Pioneer AVIC D3 last weekend and hope to install it in the next week or two.

    I read some impressive projects and am a bit overwhelmed with where I should start. Here is what I have:

    2001 Infiniti QX4
    Pioneer Avic D3
    Basic electrical skills

    I have a Toshiba M45-S355, 15.4" laptop (1.8 GHZ) I do not use.

    I saw the for sale area of the main site, I saw PC's that can be purchased for the cars. Can I hook one of these up or my laptop to my Pioneer Avic D3?

    I just need someone to point me in the right direction to start my research.


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    No, those prefab units only work for themselves or can display a video input. The touch screen will not work for the computer. Seach.