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what subs should I use/which subs will sound better?

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  • what subs should I use/which subs will sound better?

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to this forum but hope that i'll be able to find some valuable info.

    I'm starting to do my 2005 pontiac vibe's system up. so far i got:

    2 6.5 inch type-s speakers
    2 5.25 inch type-s speakers
    1 mrp-m850 alpine amp (800 watt 800 rms)
    1 mrp-f550 alpine amp (500 watt 4x90watt at 4ohms)
    all the wiring for both amps

    what I need:

    so this leads to my question:
    which subs?

    as you can see from what i've got, I like to stick to alpine stuff. I, at first, was wanting 2 10inch type-r's but have heard a lot of warnings against underpowering a sub. So my alternate choice is the type-s sub. Any suggestions?

    *I don't listen to any single genre of music and the subs would be going into a dual 10inch sealed box.

    This is pretty much the last decision I need to make about my system and would really appreciate some advice


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    First off, I am new to the forums and have already ordered my carpc, but I think I can help you out a little here. I want to say that you have good tastes sticking with Alpine, as is what I am using in my car. I am using two type-e 12" subs in seperate vented boxes. They sound good, but I am honestly close to getting rid of one since I don't use it to it's full potential. I would stick with 1 10" alpine (whatever model is desired) or possibly 2 10" subs if you listen to various types of music. A good friend of mine has a Honda CR-V and where a spare could fit in his trunk, he is using a JBL stealthbox designed for his car with a single 10" (Type S, I believe) and it is definately enough bass. I think a 10" would provide enough bass, but not be over powering to listen to. Sorry if I am rambling but, I hope I was able to help you a bit.

    PS: Unless somebody has proof, I honestly think I have been underpowering my 2 12" subs for about 5 years and they are still holding up. I would take that warning lightly. But as LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow says, "Don't take my word for it."


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      is it safe to say that underpowering 2 type-r's is better than over powering 1 type-r? Because at this point, I'm pretty set on getting a type-r.....its just a matter of how many with the amp i posted above


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        Considering the amp, if you are thinking of running the sub at 2 ohms (800W RMS x 1), then I think 2 may be a better bet, just so you don't risk blowing the sub. If you are planning on running it at 4 ohms (500W RMS x 1), then 1 sub should be enough.

        I don't think I stated in the last post, but before he purchased his 10" Type S, he had 2 12" Type - R's. I know for a fact he was underpowering them, but WOW they sounded so good. He took them out because he needed his trunk space back. I'd say whichever way you go you'll be satisfied. Every sub I had bought in the past has had issues until I decided to lay down a little extra money on Alpine and have stuck with them ever since.

        Good luck on whatever decision you make!


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          thats hornet,
          I ended up getting 1 type-r at 4 ohms. In the end i wanted a more balanced sound instead of an over powering bass. Thanks again for the advice