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  • Just starting out

    Thought that I'd say hello and post up an idea of what I'm up to.

    What I'm trying to do - install a single DIN carPC device to play MP3, radio, bluetooth connectivity to my mobile phone and GPS. I'd also have vague plans to extend the functionality with additional nice to haves like reversing camera/sensors, display car information (g's pulled, acceleration and other pointless info) and the like.

    What I've got - Dell D500 notebook (pentium m 1.4, 512mb, 120Gb, combo drive), 12v DC PSU for the notebook, a 7" in dash LCD touch-screen, Class 1 USB bluetooth dongle, USB DAB adaptor, install of roadrunner

    Things to do - finish off sorting out the speakers in my car! find appropriate plug-ins etc for the DAB and bluetooth for roadrunner, resolve normal radio or amp*, chuck everything into the car, wire-up a power switch, install a microphone for speakerphone

    * still need to consider the xtronic RDS radio/amp thingy and decide if I want the amp bit or just to use a 'normal' amp in case I want a sub later.