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    OK so Im new here. I know a good amount about computers and car stereo, but nothing with both of them. My question is this:
    How can I get rid of my head unit (with carpc) and still run my 3 amps (1 for fronts, 1 for rears, and subs) with good sound quality?

    Is it possible? Ive been doing a bunch of searching and dont come up with much.

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    When I first began in carPC'ing, my stroy was somewhat like yours:

    I was also using three amps, with an interesting array of speakers, some homwe designed and built (see my pictures). I had no head unit, but used my Creative "Zen"
    mp3 player as source. I naively asked someone how I could record and store my personal cd's losslessly for playback. The answer: "a carPC!"

    So, I went an easier, softer way, and installed a 1kw inverter and a Compaq desktop PC (lots of room in my Saturn wagon). I ripped all cd's as .wav files using WMP, then purchased a Creative Sound Blaster PCI card (has 5.1 outputs)

    The rest is history. Of course, the carPC does all of the things that any other PC can do, but mainly it's my real nice sounding music source. I use the Griffin Powermate (mp3 car store) for easy volume/track/etc control, also a wireless kbd and a handheld stuff - nuttin' too strenuous.

    Hope that gave you some idea how the carPC/music thing can go.

    Blessings and best of luck.
    Happy CarPC'ing!


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      OK so just a special sound card will have more outputs and some way to control them? (settings for speakers, then subs)

      Doesnt sound to bad. Im looking forward to this setup a lot.