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Hello, New to it, need some advice...

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  • Hello, New to it, need some advice...

    Hello, i am new to, recently my armrest broke and when I took it apart I decided what the heck might as well slap a PC in there and I stumbled upon the website. Now I have done quite a bit of frankensteining on my console so the enitre thing can be removed with now damage to original car (minus a console, thats cheap tho.) anyways as I was building in my garage I was thinking I live in Las Vegas, IN THE DESERT and it is an easy 110 degrees in my garage. Now will the intense dry heat damage my LCD? HDD? will my PC fry? or is it just a chance thing? If its a 50/50 then I will prob use cheaper parts. I will start up a work blog later with pictures to let you see what I am doing. Thanks!

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    Well if you have the A/C on and have a fan inside that console to feed cold air into it it should be fine.


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      Well the thing is I do not want to route an AC vent into it because of possible condensation problems b/c Scorching desert heat plus cold plus PC = possible condensation Fizzle. And It is only really hot (110) about 3 months outta the year, mostly its in the 80- 90's. But I Just want to be sure.


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        Well you dont have to route any vent to it. U simply need to add a fan so that it can push in cold air to the console.


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          Well, here's my solution...

          This is what I came up with after doing a little reading and putting my imaginiation to work. I figured most PC's and their components can usually take up to 140 degree heat anyways. And when I am in my car I am driving and the air is most probably on when its hot, so I got a solar powered temperature probe that I am gonna add to my center console so I know how much heat is trapped in the general PC compartment, so if its too high I just will not turn it on. Also I bought a temperature monitor that displays 2 different temps from 2 different heat probes which will be attached to my cpu/heatsink and hard drive, so I have current indicators of the PC heat when its running. On top of that (I really am a fan of being a little over the top and building stuff ) I purchased one of those crappy solar vent window fans and I am going to take it apart so I can have a fan pulling air thru the PC casing when its parked during the day, free energy and it was cheap anyways.

          Why the jerry-rigged set up? Are their easier solutions? Yes there are but more expensive, and I am just doing this on a really REALLY low budget and I kinda get a kick outta making things a little more complicated.... hehehe

          Besides I like the MacGuyver-esqe-ness of it.