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    Hi All, I came across this site whilst looking in a roundabout way on the internet at Asus eee pc's. I already have an old compaq laptop which isn't brilliantand I have tried to install road runner (and can't get it configured correctly) among various other things which I also cannot get to work.i.e Tomtom emulator, I get it installed but for the life of me can't get it to see a bluetooth GPS. Foneco will dial a mobile but won't read the phone book hang up or anything else? As you can probably guess I am far from computer literate but am always willing to learn.

    Down to the questions!

    Here is where I am asking for help. I am going to get an eee pc (purchasing in a few weeks)

    With this I would like to have it in my Fathers Motorhome (which I use regularly) a bluetooth gps connected to the eee pc which opens memory map or TOMTOM, both preferably not at the same time though. An ipod classic connected with my music and film library maybe used in hard drive mode and accessed not using Itunes. Mobile phone connected via bluetooth to the front end. And also is there anyway to connect up any sort of door/ window sensors to the machine so that if one opens or closes I would be alerted and a log would be on the computer? ( like the things you see on spooks and things on the the telly with house schematics when a door opens it highlights where on a drawing)

    I realize people may think I am in cloud cuckoo land but as I don't know the restictions of what can be done or can't be done so I am a bit ignorant.

    Can any of this be done?

    I would like to keep the cost down, so how much?

    If not an eee pc but something else what?

    How do I do all this?

    What else can I do and how? Engine management etc basically anything please bare in mind I am as thick as custard and twice as yellow.

    I would be gratful for any replies, how to's etc.

    Thanks in advance!

    Darren (in the UK)

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    Here are some useful links for eee pc