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power on laptop with usb remote

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  • power on laptop with usb remote


    i have a remote control that works off a infrared usb plug.
    i want to use it to power on my laptop, the only problem is it only works if usb has power, which it doesnt when the laptop is off,

    So im thinking if i get one of those powered usb hubs and run it from the ciggie lighter it should have power when i turn my ignition on, so then the infrared device will have power alowing me to turn on the laptop via remote.

    Will this work? or is there another solution where i dont have to take apart my laptop

    Thanks for your help.

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    Nope wont work because it needs the laptop on to receive the commands. It doesnt work like a switch it uses the drivers from the OS. It can be set up though to bring the laptop out of sleep though as can most remotes.
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