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Carputer 1996 toyota supra rz

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  • Carputer 1996 toyota supra rz

    I thought it was about time to upgrade my stock ICE, the combo CD / tape head unit isn't cutting it anymore and Ive blown 2 of the speakers.

    Ive yet to buy any components till i settle on what im doing 100% but as of now im going to gut the speakers already in the car and replace them with something new. Ill be removing the head unit and wont be replacing it with anything but the carputer. Ive read many people dont like software EQ / Volume but this is adequate for me.

    Ill be replacing the CD / Tape combo with a
    Lilliput 629GL70NP 7" VGA Touch Screen
    Ill either make my own mount or buy the WRX housing and modify to fit.

    As i wont be putting any other head unit it the car ive yet to decide how im going to have the speakers setup but as of now ill cross that bridge when i come to it.

    Ive looked at building my own unit from scratch and also looked at the voompc series. All very pricey and it would be upsetting to pay twice as much as my desktop pc for not even a 1/4 of the spec.

    While searching around the net i come across this unit. It seems to fit the purpose quite well and is reasonably priced. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts would be on this unit. I would rip out the stock PSU and replace it for a M2-ATX.

    Dashboard Pics
    Here and Here

    How do i go about powering the screen? Does it power from the m2 or from its own independent supply? Would that mean the screen has to be powered on manual and would it stay off when the car isn't on?

    Could someone write out a basic wiring diagram as to where everything connects from the battery please? ie
    Battery > Distribution block > 8g > fuse > 8g etc etc