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  • New Member with 5th Gen Monte Carlo

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Ive been wanting to add a PC to a car for a while and now that i have a 97 Monte Carlo, i think its time to get things started.

    Since this is the first time i have every tried something like this, i will be having alot of questions in the near future. So forgive me if i come off as a noob. But thats cause i am to this. LOL

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    hey man, i'm in the same boat as you. long time lurker and such.

    i have a '97 lumina (pretty much the same car), and am getting ready to start laying everything out on paper for my carputer.

    right now i'm trying to figure out what the best solution for mounting a monitor in the car will be. we have an awkward DIN size in the dash.


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      k. so this is the plan as of now.

      keep my current head unit. cram the computer into the glove compartment mount a touchscreen underneath the headunit using an adjustable gooseneck (attached either to the floor or somewhere under the dash), and run the audio from the glove box to the aux jack on my headunit.

      this will be a pretty straight forward no-nonsense install i think, and keeping the headunit means i keep the physical controls of my audio and FM radio.