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Q's about making Plugins work with Front End software

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  • Q's about making Plugins work with Front End software

    Im trying to understand things in a very short time I understand this, but I keep drawing blanks and can't seem to find a clear answer to what Im asking..

    Currently I am running Meedios which is a front end software. I want to be able to put a mac mini in my car and run windows on it. Hook up my ipod, nav, sat radio play dvds...blah blah so does everyone else. What im trying to understand is how do I edit the front end software to be capable to do this? Is there a name for the type of programming it takes to be able to mesh these different programs together? I see posts where people are giving other people advice saying " just type in the source folder blah blah do they know? Is there a guidebook? A place where you can see different laws for coding? I'm just curious because I would like to learn it. IF its not as complicated as im thinking can someone explain to me how its done. Getting the plugin for a bluetooth phone to work with meedios for do i do this? i can download the stuff i need, but Im not sure the next step to do? How do i integrate it with the front end player?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. THx again.