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Hi, need help choosing a motherboard for my carpc.

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  • Hi, need help choosing a motherboard for my carpc.

    My motherboard is out of date, slow as a snail and i need to upgrade. its an old via 800mhz fan'd m/board. takes about 30 minutes to do anything even on a clean Win xp install. video is jumpy and my front end is so slow its barely useable!

    anyways, i want to upgrade the motherboard, but i dont know what to get!

    All i want is good media support, i want my DVD's / mpegs to run smooth and my audio to run as if i was playing it from a 'hassle free' car cd-player! Oh and it needs as many USB's as poss and VGA port not DVi.

    there is so many motherboards out there now tho , i really dont have a clue which i need!

    Altho, this one looks quite good?
    EPIA EN 15000G C7 Mini-ITX Board

    Any help much appreciated


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    I'd look into an Intel Little valley.
    Newer, faster technology than the Via C7.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Get little valley (d201gly2a) or atom (d945gclf)
      Both are really cheap and fast enough for most people.
      dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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        blimy, them 2 boards are good value! i assume the atom is the better of the two going by the specs?

        anyway, if i was to spend a tad little bit more, could i get a board thats even better? what would be the next choice up from the atom?


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          It depends on how much money you want to spend! You could buy an MSI that supports dual core but then you have the seperate cost of the processor which all together could run for more than $300. The nice thing with those is that you can upgrade the processor where as with integrated CPU's, you're stuck with them. Read some reviews online about the Intel D945GCLF and how it fares with DVD's and music. I ordered one last week and it should be coming today so I guess i'll find out tonight!

          Reviews for this board are strange because i read two different reviews and one praised the board while the other hated it. But the reviewer that hated the board was comparing it to the MSI dual core boards which is like comparing apples to oranges.