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[HELP!] attaching a subwoofer with my PC SPEAKER's

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  • [HELP!] attaching a subwoofer with my PC SPEAKER's

    i am newbie in this sound systems

    please tell how can i use my sub.

    this is subwoofer, i want to use

    this is computer EDIFIER R401 woofer with builtin AMplifier =[sound,bass,trible] with 2 satellites

    1 builtin soundcard in Motherboard with 1 connecter


    now if i put my sub's wire's in the back of Edifier jacks [a place to switch satellites] the sub works but the sound is very low...

    what to do?

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    is this for a car?

    the old one has the amp build into the sub.. the new one dosnt

    i guess


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      my question is not that complicated.

      you can use for edifier r401 sound system for computer

      i am using a r401 speaker with my computer, and i want to use the above silver subwoofer which just have two wires [see in the pic]

      please guide how can i use my SUBWOOFER with COMPUTER????



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        hmm.. doesn't look like a cARputer question..
        firstly, i wouldn't use that sub on my computer, the edifier 401 has very good sound
        even if I did.. i'd probably AUX to my HiFi system, and use its speakers and sub

        as far as I know, you would need an amp somewhere to start the sub's heartbeat..


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          ok but how will this silver woofer work?

          wiring etc? how..?

          i m confused :P


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            You would have to take apart the Edifier subwoofer, splice the +/- and hook that up to the new sub. But are you sure you want to do that? The silver sub looks like those crappy ones off a cheap htib system you get at walmart. So I am guessing the Edifier sub probably sounds better.


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              my edifier r401 has 1 year warrenty, where the bass of the silver woofer is o.k and its not that cheap i got it for 1100/ rupees, i cannot un-seal my edifier at all. but on the other hand i cannot throw this silver **** in dustbin, so i want it to work as a woofer for my computer, but i dont know how will it work


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                what happen guys?


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                  Originally posted by zain4444 View Post
                  what happen guys?
                  You're really asking in the wrong place.
                  We primarily work with car audio setups, and this is obviously not that situation.

                  There may be toher resources for your issue out on the 'net. I suggest making judicious use of Google.
                  Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                  How about the Wiki?

                  Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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                    Ok on my desktop pc I have a subwoofer port. So I wanted to get this woofer/speaker hooked up to it

                    I tryed to see if hooking up an av cord to it and plugging it in would work but i get nothing. Any ideas?


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                      You probably need to amplify the signal.
                      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                      How about the Wiki?

                      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.