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  • Which Mini ITX to get?

    I am heavily looking into setting up a carputer in my 93 Nissan 300zx... I a good place to put all of the components. Here is what I have and would like it to do.

    I have a 4ch amp that is a nice phoenix gold amp, two 6.5" phoenix gold speakers for the front and two 6.5" polk audio for the back. They are good speakers and I got them for sound quality. I am also looking to put in a couple subs in the future but I want to get some other things done first. So now for the carputer part, here's what I want to do with it.

    I want to get good quality sound out of it, I believe I need and external sound card for this (not sure what to get some help would be great)

    I want to hook gps up to it

    Diagnostics from ecu

    FM tuner

    100gb hdd laptop

    dvd drive



    possible a video capture card

    More that i'm sure i'm forgetting. I want to have expandability room also.

    I want to be able to do a bunch with the unit and I am not sure which mini itx to get and even if that is the best option. If it is then can someone give me some specs that would be able to run this stuff mentioned and not slow down my machine. That is the worst when it's slow and would defeat the purpose of it all really. Thanks!

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    An Intel D201GLY should be able to handle all of that stuff easily. Not certain about the video capture but if it is all done on the card, you don't need to worry about the CPU speed.
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      Is that running windows xp? I would have expected something faster to have been needed to run that stuff. W=


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        Ok I am looking at getting the MSI Fuzzy 945GM1 with a Core 2 Duo Mobile 2.16ghz with 667 fsb and getting 2gb ram for it. The processor from consumes 34W. Intel says Thermal Design Power: 34W. I'm pretty sure that's that the power consumption means.

        Should I run xp on this system or could I save some of the resources by running Win 2000? What do you guys recommend? Is this going to consume to much power. I am looking at getting M2-ATX 160 W Power supply. Any suggestions on anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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          Nice system. Run XP. It can handle it with a single M2-ATX. Here is my system that is very similar, and everything listed is running off a single supply.

          My opinion is my own.


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            Awesome.... How many channels is your sound system and how do you have your sound setup. Do you have an external sound card? Do you have rca cables running to an amp? I am not sure about this part and am tryin to see how people are doing it.

            Would you recommend a different board or the one you have over the one I have picked out? thanks


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              I picked the kino board because of the cpu I already had from another system (socket M). It has 8.1 audio capabilities, 5 anolog ports on the back, 1 digital, and 2 on the front (I use the front ports internally for the HD and HQCT radio's). Out of those, 4 can be mic or line in. Also has 4 serial ports which are really nice, as you can use separate ports for: DTR amp control, HD Radio using Mitch's cable, OBDII serial connection (I have USB), and still have a 14 pin serial port (SP2) available for whatever else you might come up with.

              I use internal video and sound. I have no external cards, only HD Visteon radio and an HQCT module. I can run Streetdeck under visualization mode at 100FPS without any issue. I do have a PCI USB card, but thinking about getting rid of it.

              Basically, any of your industrial boards will exceed your expectations. This one sure exceeded mine! Hijackzx1 has the AMD version of this board, but from what I understand, he doesn't like the audio as it only has 3 ports (+2 front I think)

              Edit: As for how my sound is setup....
              The board has "smart" plugging. When you plug something in, it asks you what it is and you select from a list. I have the Subwoofer by itself, front and back by themselves, and if you look at the audio control on that link I gave you, the controls go down to individual speaker.
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                Here is the fuzzy board I was looking at....

                My opinion is my own.


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                  This is my first time using the mini itx systems, I just want to make sure this will be good for pretty much anything in regards to video, audio, gps, ecu diagnostics, etc....


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                    Yeah, that board is a little better than the one I was taking a look at. Nice board.


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                      Originally posted by live4soccer7 View Post
                      This is my first time using the mini itx systems, I just want to make sure this will be good for pretty much anything in regards to video, audio, gps, ecu diagnostics, etc....
                      I haven't found anything the kino can't do. And as for smart, I didn't have to change a single configuration when loading StreetDeck (that is pretty good if you are familiar with streetdeck setups). The fact that everything is onboard, the added cost is reduced because you don't have to buy a video or sound card. To me, the Kino board is worth every penny.
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                        would you recommend that over the gm965 by MSI? Thanks again for the help, really appreciated.


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                          Originally posted by live4soccer7 View Post
                          This is my first time using the mini itx systems, I just want to make sure this will be good for pretty much anything in regards to video, audio, gps, ecu diagnostics, etc....
                          I hate to say this as I don't know your financial ideas on this hobby, but don't skimp. I went through 3 separate motherboards to get to this one, and I wish I had just said to heck with it and went here first. You will not have to worry about upgrading for years, and you don't have to worry about adding other hardware. It will run everything you want it to run. I run Streetdeck and Roadrunner, and the roadrunner runs everything including temperature readouts on the home page. Heck, I have even ran this board at 200 degrees for hours and it didn't even burp. Get a good board/cpu and you won't be back here complaining about something not working.

                          Just my take on it.
                          My opinion is my own.


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                            I definitely will be getting a good board, I live where the summers are hot and the winters are cold so I need good stuff plus I don't want my setup to be slow. I am just torn on what to get. Will the gm965 do what your board is capable of as far as the onbaord video sound etc.... and be able to run all the goodies? I want to do it right the first time which is why I am asking. What do you think? What would be the best one to get disregarding price.


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                              The boards I am aware of are:
                              Jetway J7F2 (base model basically with 2ghz processor, C7, 64mb Video)
                              Jetway J7F5 (Upgraded with 2gb Esther, C7, with 128mb video)
                              Jetway J9F2 (Core Duo, but only 3 audio ports on the back. Line in, mic in, audio out)
                              Kino 9452 R11

                              None of the Jetways come close to comparing.

                              Toaster has the fuzzy board you are looking at, so ask how he likes it. I wouldn't try anything but my Kino if that helps.
                              My opinion is my own.