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tough book cf 28 car pc?

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  • tough book cf 28 car pc?

    i recently purchased a cf 28 for 100 bucks from a company that had phased them out a couple of years ago. its in pristine condition no scratches or anything. Its got a p3 running at 800 mhz, and 512 mb of ram. i figure this should be ok to run nav and itunes right? currently i am driving a s10 but am hopefully going to get a mkIV tdi jetta so i'm just trying to get everything i need to install in the jetta. i've lurked here for a while and read that the monsoon amp can create some problems, so i am planning on going with a flip out screen with a fm tuner and all the necessary connections to work with the monsoon amp( do they make one that works easily?). also i plan on going with a flip out because i've seen very few in dash lcd's that look clean. i know there is the bezel for mkIV's but i just don't think i can make it look that clean on my first car pc install. Also can anyone reccomend a usb gps receiver?

    Thanks for the help