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System in the works... need help with amp and speaker choice.

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  • System in the works... need help with amp and speaker choice.

    Hey guys 1st post woohoo. I have been researching on this forum and online for about a month now and think i almost ready to start buying my ultimate system for my 08 Tahoe LT. My goal is to create a top of the line in-car multimedia experience. Here is what I had in mind:

    Avic Z3 will act as main nav unit and multimedia center.
    DEQ-P8000 and AXM-P8000 will allow me to output and control 5.1 surround sound from Z3 and Mac Mini(via optical).
    ND-BT1 will handle hands free calling.
    Mac Mini will do... everything it does
    This will handle wifi signal.
    Xenarc 700IDT will control Mac Mini.

    I have very little knowledge in the amp and speaker department and would appreciate any thoughts. Also need help with center channel speaker mounting position (wont have room for one of those 1/2 din indash units). If you see any compatibility issues or if you have any comments they will be greatly appreciated.
    I would like to thank Naamanf and his system for inspiration. Your Tahoe is what mine wants to be when it grows up! haha