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CarPC with factory amp?

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  • CarPC with factory amp?

    Alright, I have been searching around but I can't seem to find out how to hook the PC up to my factory amp when I take out the head unit. It is a new Civic Si with a factory sub. I am trying to get away without buying a new amp since there is only 1k miles on it.

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    It should be similar to a normal amp and have a remote lead from the head unit to the factory amp. Once you find that lead you use a software called AMP_CTRL or VOLUME_AMP_CTRL. I then bought a device called a PAC TR-4. Its a small device that sends a amplified signal to the remote lead to ensure it turns on.... You then connect the other end of this device to pin #4 on your serial port. 2 other wires also come out of the TR-4, one goes to Ground and the other to a 12V source. Everytime you turn on the car, the TR-4 will wait for a signal from the serial port then turn on once the Amp_CTRL turns on pin #4 on the serial port.

    Have you tried locating the AMP and looking at it? It should say what is what. The connections should be 12V+, Ground, RMT (Remote wire), and audio ports. Once you locate the lead wire (RMT) just find that same wire were the head unit is.
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      i have a 2008 civic SI and i used the factory amp... give me a bit and ill get some information for you (im at work currently)


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        Ok First thing... buy yourself a wireharness... trust me.. its better to spend 10 dollars then to have to cut your stock wiring...

        with that said. i purchased my harness at local audio store so im sure you might be able to do the same.

        if not look online

        after that there is 1 wire you will have to cut, because on the back of our radio we have two harness's

        we have 1 small plug and 1 large plug. you need the harness for the large plug because that is where all your audio wires are..

        however, the small plug has your AMP_REMOTE (light blue) wire on it.

        i connected this to the ignition wire off the large plug, so now whenever my car turns on AMP turns on...
        i also have my PC connected to this with a switch in the middle.

        but once you get the harness, it should tell you what wires are what speaker, hook up to RCA then get a Y adaptor to 1/8 plugs and plug into PC.

        if you need more help from there PM me ill gladly help with what i can!


        also check out my name is ohiocivicracer on there they have a lot of great information!

        pulled from

        :Radio Harness
        +12V DC Constant White
        Switchedd Accessory Violet
        Ground Black
        Power Antenna Gray
        Remote Turn On Light Blue
        Illumintation Red/Black or Gray
        Left Front + Light Green
        Left Front - Pink
        Right Front + Gray
        Right Front - Brown
        Left Rear + Yellow
        Left Rear - Brown
        Right Rear + Blue
        Right Rear - Orange

        :Amplifier Outputs
        Remote Turn On Light Blue
        Left Front Mid + Light Green
        Left Front Mid - Pink
        Right Front Mid + Gray
        Right Front Mid - Brown
        Left Rear Mid + Yellow
        Left Rear Mid - Brown
        Right Rear Mid + Blue
        Right Rear Mid - Orange
        Subwoofer 1 + Green
        Subwoofer 1 - Red

        :At Speakers
        Left Front Tweeter + Red
        Left Front Tweeter - Green
        Right Front Tweeter + Pink
        Right Front Tweeter - Blue