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  • Hi from Melbourne AU

    Hey guys,

    Long time lurker - first time poster.

    I've been playing around car audio for a few years now and I'm slowly (but reluctantly) coming around to the idea of a carPC.

    Most, if not all, my experiance with other people carPCs has been disapointing so I'm hoping with the help from you guys I'll be able to either compile something suitable - or beable to track down someone who can build something suitable for me.

    I have fairly basic computer skills.

    Basically the reason I'm looking to setup a carPC is because to do what i want with "car audio" products im looking at the wrong side of AUD $7000 RRP without installation - ouch!

    What I am after is a touchscreen for navigation and "tuning" controls.

    Im after "hardware" buttons for functions such as [<<previous] [Next>>] [Play / Pause] [Navigation] etc (I have an Ultramarc I-Pac for this - now I just need to workout how to make or get backlit plastic buttons around the 15 x 10mm size)

    Rotary volume control - THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! I know it can be done with things like the Griffin PowerMate but I've also read of the complaints with this setup. Also I'm looking for a more "accurate" volume control than the crappy windows "mixer". I've been looking at the possiblity of using a "spinner" from a MAME setup.

    I also want to be able to play back movies stored on a HDD on the rear screens - ideally 2 different movies! and have the ability to control these screens from the front of the vehicle. Also I want to have these screens beable to have their own RF head phones and volume control etc.

    Bluetooth phone - this is really important as I use this car as a work vehicle as well - but I dont want to have to dial on screen. I want hardware based buttons (again plastic and backlit)

    I have plenty of room so realestate for these buttons is not a drama.

    This car is an '01 nissan patrol. Its currently a wagon but I am looking to have it cut back into a twin cab tray back. It is currently my work vehicle but when work updates me I will buy this off the company (family business and they know of my intentions) and set it up as a tourer for travelling to remote areas of Australia including the centre, the cape and the pilbra and kimberly regions. Its already taken me and my partner across the long black top from melbourne to WA and back once (8000k's in 15 days - I drove the entire way).

    I'm welcome to suggestions and I am looking at the possiblity of paying/commisioning someone one to set this up for me because of my lack of computer skills.