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Old Unit help Panasonic CQ-DF583U

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  • Old Unit help Panasonic CQ-DF583U

    Ok, I have searched and searched for this and have only yielded old, unapplicable results. I figured that considering how old my unit is that there may have been some kind of breakthrough haha. So as I have mentioned several times, I have an old unit (see title) and I have just installed it into my jeep this morning. It works great and is in excellent condition as it has not been used since my car died a couple years ago. The only issue I have with it, and not big enough to buy a whole new unit, is that it has no auxilary input to plug an ipod in. It does however have a cd-changer input, but I'm not sure if its connected through the RCA input plugs at the back of the unit. As you can tell, I have no clue what I am doing. I was just curious if I could try to make my unit recognize my ipod through the cd-changer input. I figured that if it had the R-L RCA inputs in the back that there would be an input for an external mp3 player. I guess the unit did ship in like 02 or 03.

    Oh, and I seemed to have misplaced my product manual so no cigar there.


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    Here's your manual:
    Took 30 seconds in google by searching the make & model.

    As far as using the CD changer, there are adapters that will allow the CD Changer input to be used as a generic AUX. There may be one for your unit. Try PAC-AUDIO first. They specialize in this sort of adapter.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
      Here's your manual:
      Took 30 seconds in google by searching the make & model.
      That would help if Adobe Reader worked on this computer. But I will look around for an adapter. Thanks.


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        Did you ever get your ipod to work?

        hi i just wanted to know if you ever got your ipod to work through the car stereo, if so can you explain to me how this was done?
        i have the exact same car stereo and i want my ipod to work through it....thanks


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          old Panny deck - work with MP3?

          just got my first ever MP3 player and hooked it up via CD changer inputs on the back, didnt work with the deck.
          did you have any luck finding a solution?
          thanks alot in advance,


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            please work MP3 player

            searching on this website i see someone else said you have to plug in a CD changer into the 8 pin connector to activate the CD controller function. could i just strip a harness off some old changer ?


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              as above

              i have since learned that we need an Auxiliary Input Adapter but i searched and it seems Panasonic did not make one for this deck (or perhaps any) . i did see one for Kenwood and another brand but not for Panny.
              the guy at Future Shop dug one out for Kenwood and said they used to sell them but crushed them all when the HU's started coming out with built in Aux inputs. They wanted $50 for this old adapter !!!!! might as well upgrade to a new HU for that kind of money.
              i feel like i'm talkign to myself ....


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                Cant access some features

                The battery died on my car and when I replaced it the Panasonic unit obviously reset. But now I cant access the Sirius component. It seems to be stuck on a multi cd changer function, that I dont even have. I have the stock single cd that comes with it. I can change to FM and set a station there, but no matter what I press I cant get to the Sirius functions. I have looked at the manual and cant find a away to get if off the CDC display, thanks in advance.