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  • Everyone needs a Medic

    So I was browsing the web to look for a decent site that discusses CarPC and sound systems when I came across this site. I read one of the threads through and through(sooo long) and was very impressed at how active this forum was and how intelligent every one is! (Then again, Anyone is intellegent when it comes to cars vs me. I plan to change this over time) I looked at a few more sites but found myself coming back to this one and just reading and reading into the wee hours of the morning.

    Anyways. Decided to join. =]

    I drive a 93' Camaro and have been wanting to do SOMETHING with it for a while. It's really not in the best of shape(when it comes to the interior. Everything is running fine.) and I want to make my baby sweeeet. Most people sit in my car and go "Oh... Where is the CD player?" or "OH GAWD! Your car suuucks! Only one speaker works?!" or the classic "Atleast the exterior is sexy looking" I'm pretty new to cars, I probably won't be posting tooo much seeing how I'll mostly be lurking, learning, and deciding what I'm going to be doing to Sheba(car) at this point.

    There is Sheba. And oh. My name is Hasi. =]