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  • carputer power questions

    ok so i have decent experience with computers but when it comes to putting one in a car i know there are some issues. what i want to do is basicly buy a cheap computer and put it in my car for entertainment purposes. my demands are simple but i think it still might be difficult. i want to be able to store all my music and movies so ill be getting a 500gb harddrive, i want to be able to play cd's and dvd's so thats a must, 2gigs of ram, i dont think ill be needing a sond card as long as something usable is built into the mother board. as far as the monitor is concerned to save money i was thinking of just using a 14" flatscreen cause i cant seem to find anything smaller and touchscreens are still abit too expensive for my taste. because i wont be able to use a normal mouse im going to use a logitech trackball mouse which shouldnt be too hard. to power all of this(and the sound system i plan to eventually put in) i was thinking of putting another battery or 2 maybe into the trunk. is this a good idea or not? and can anyone tell me how to do it.