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The Right Subs for me and my set up, help

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  • The Right Subs for me and my set up, help

    im thinking about getting new subs, its a hard desicion tho.. im want the biggest bang for my buck and i want my current set to handle the sub or subs

    i have a JL e1400d mono block class d

    4awg knukoncept wiring

    Rockfordfosgate 2way distro block

    installing the BIG 3 before install new subs.. consider that

    i have a 94 civic, i think the alt is 70amps

    i also plan to buy a optima yellow top..after i get the subs and a little $$

    and i have installed FATMAT in my trunk

    Im interested in the following subs...

    (1) JL 12W6v2 in sealed (used) hes trying to sell it for 400$ seems abit to high

    (2) 10L7's sealed or ported box

    (2) Memphis m3's (used) ported box

    (2) 12L5's sealed or ported

    Sorry if my discription lacks information, and questions that need cleared up just ask

    thanks alot for the help

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    i suggest type-r's....I have 1 10 and its more than enough...its the best bang for buck in my opinion


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      best bang for the buck is not gonna be any of the name brand subs you named but thats a hard fact to get people to understand. alot of people think if they never heard of a company or if the subs that company offers doesnt cost a are and leg that its not a good sub. have you thougth abotu power bass??? very very strong sub d**n good price and imo best bang for buck.

      if i absolutely had to pick from the subs above the l710's are good they are cheaper than the 12's usually and they sound just as good