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5.1 Sound Card run 4 Speakers and 2 Subs? 800mhz run RoadRunner?

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  • 5.1 Sound Card run 4 Speakers and 2 Subs? 800mhz run RoadRunner?

    I currently have:

    EPIA Mini-ITX VIA 800mhz MB/CPU
    512mb RAM
    M1-ATX power supply
    Running TinyXP

    ...It's old I know... but had a few questions regarding that and my speakers/subs setup.

    1. Will 800mhz be enough to run RoadRunner? (Running GPS and MP3's only... no video)

    2. I have 4 speakers running to a 4 channel amp, and 2 subs running to a 2 channel sub amp. So my question is am I correct in saying that I would run these RCA to 1/8" into Front, Back, and Center/Sub? (5.1 sound card) Will not having a center speaker and 2 subs mess this up, or is that fine?

    3. I am looking into sound card options, as that old MB only has front speaker onboard. My case does not have room for PCI card, so I was wondering if a USB sound card would draw too much from my CPU whilst running RoadRunner, or if I could get away with it. Also I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to the 'best bang for the buck' USB sound card? People with a similar setup: which sound cards are you using?

    I have searched the forums for a while now, and have not come across definitive answers to some of my questions. Although I'm well aware that a lot of this is more a matter of opinion and various setups, I would still appreciate your opinions .

    If I have left out crucial details or my questions have been answered elsewhere, I apologize... please direct me in the right direction and let me know. All replies/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks A Lot!

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    1. As far as the motherboard/CPU choice, it's certainly on the low-end of the horsepower scale. I believe it will run RR, but only barely. Don't expect to use any fancy skins, though.

    2. You are correct. Ignore the center channel line for your setup. It won't be used.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thank you for your reply. I think I will then definitely test out RoadRunner with the current MB/CPU. Hoping that it will run it . If not hopefully I can just upgrade the CPU, without too much trouble.

      Ok, so I am then currently looking for a good 5.1 Sound Card. I'm not sure what my best option is. I read about the Bloat... but would that support 5.1? Would it work fine with RoadRunner? Anyone have opinions on other USB Cards?