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USB Device not loading on boot

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  • USB Device not loading on boot


    I'm new to the site but excited for a resolution. I have a recently purchased Kenwood DNX5120 Nav/DVD head unit that I am attempting to establish a connection with my external hard drive.

    Unfortunately the USB harddrive is not recognized upon starting my car. I must unplug the harddrive and then reconnect it for a solid connection. At that point the Head unit recognizes the device.

    If it helps any I have provided the specifications for both devices:

    Why must I reconnect the drive every time I start the car?

    Thank you.

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    Its possible that the hard drive is not ready soon enough when you power up everything. Try turning off the power on the hard drive, starting up the HU, and wait a few seconds, and then turn on the hard drive. If it works, you are going to need some sort of power supply or something to delay the hard drive turning on for a few seconds.
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