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Have Zune, Have 2005 Civic... need them to be friends.

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  • Have Zune, Have 2005 Civic... need them to be friends.

    Looking for a cheap way to make my car play music from a Zune (and other mp3 players).

    While something like what M$ Sync does would be awesome but I'm not buying a new car just for that, nor would I buy a Ford car ever. Thankfully it is only exclusive for 18 months.

    Before anyone jumps on my face for not appreciating American cars, I'd like to point out that I have owned a Ford TRUCK in the past, and if I needed a TRUCK in the future I would surely buy a FORD... however what I need these days is a Civic, so I own a Civic.


    At this point I'm really just looking for an AUX jack...

    However, if there is something out there that I can hook up a zune/ipod/whatever all USB like that will also charge the device without costing more than a few hundred I'm willing to be told about something like that as well.

    PS: the problem with the Zune car adaptor is that it broadcasts digital FM, and like most digital transmissions it seems to follow the standard of cramming a reduced quality analog "backup" broadcast into a mere 15kHz... and in a big market where there is no true "empty" space on the dial, picking up that weak analog signal is just about impossible once I pull out of my garage. (I did try it in a rental car that had a digital FM receiver and the thing sounded completely tolerable...)

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    crap it did something odd with my first post and it didn't show up right away, sorry for what is basically a double post.

    I'd delete it if your forums would let me.