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Hi. I'm new here. I just have some questions.

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  • Hi. I'm new here. I just have some questions.

    So I have the mainboard (D201GLY2), case (voom pc), Power supply (M2 160w), external dvd( targus external slim),

    whats the best way to run a 3.5" drive rather than an internal 2.5". I know the voom is a bit tight on the inside so internal 3.5" aint gonna cut it. the questions are as follows. (and please remember...I'm new at be gentle.)

    how do you wire up a 3.5" external hdd? do you cut the power adapter up? I have read it but for some reason on this one has pictures. how do I calculate the wattage on it? is it the power requirements on the hdd and then added to what the enclosure's needs? please help me. I have a friend helping me install this and he knows what he's doing but I'd love to have all the things purchased before we get down to the install.

    any advice you could give me would be great. thanks.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Your powersupply should have come with a power cable to hook up a standard 3.5 drive:


    You could also use a small inverter to go from 12v to 110. This will allow you to use any external HD case on the market, many with built in cooling fans). You do not need a large inverter and 100w should do the trick just fine. You can hook the inverter to a line (like your stereo) that turns on when the key is turned on.
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      thank you john. I appreciate your reply. you've been very helpful.