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Zune + 2005 Civic, any advice?

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  • Zune + 2005 Civic, any advice?

    really i'd be content with an aux port...

    but when it comes to cars my knowledge level is like the guy that is scared to plug in his own keyboard because he doesn't know what port to plug it into.

    This is probably a bad place for me to ask, because I'm the kind of guy that will go from zero knowledge & just want something simple to engineering some sort of insanely overpowered beast of a system to do everything up to and including some sort of weapons system/ecm/etc...

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    FM Modulator. Quick, easy, doesn't require a lot of knowledge.

    Sound quality is just that tho, FM.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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      I have an FM dealie (the MS one) it worked great to amazing when I was on business in Utah... but at home it is totally worthless, as in you can almost tell there is tell there is music under the static, if the car is under a bridge, worthless.

      I suspect this is because the FM Xmitter broadcasts a digital signal, and the analog "backup" broadcast is small and weak and my car doesn't have a digital receiver. It also seems like there isn't any "free space" on the dial for me to use at home, considering most the stations here are digital and overlapping each other with sidebands.

      I'm really going to have to go with something with wires.

      Which means I'm either going to have to get over my irrational fear of hurting my car, or pay someone to do an install.

      I think what I'm really after is only for Zune.


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        I have the MS Zune car transmitter...piece of junk!...Tried it in multiple cars...then tried coworkers Iriver AT100 sounds great...only drawback is no charging. but for $40 on amazon...I bought one!...charging is easy!


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          FM transmitters work better if you remove your antenna on your car. because you are broadcasting from inside the car and the antenna is outside, it still pulls in outside frequencies.

          Of course, you lose regular radio