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Dell D600, dock station, Lilliput 629GL touch....power suggestions??

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  • Dell D600, dock station, Lilliput 629GL touch....power suggestions??

    Ok, I've been lurking here for a couple weeks reading up on what setup I want to use. I've got:
    • Lilliput 629GL 7" LED backlit touchscreen
    • Dell D600 laptop
    • Dell docking station

    Now I'm looking at power options. The dock needs 90W to be able to function and charge my laptop. So what I need is the Lind Electronics DE 2045-1342. This will charge my laptop, power my dock station and not give me the error for using a non-Dell power source.

    I really don't want to drop a 100 bucks on this, and another 100 on a regulated power supply with a shutdown what should I do? This is what I was thinking:
    • Buy the Lind power adaptor and run it to an ignition source. Then have the computer go on standby after an hour of running on battery power. Problem....constant drain on battery. Would this pose a problem? Especially if I drive the car daily?? Do I really need a regulated power supply with a shutdown controller?

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    I use a laptop

    Search for a car adaptor that will work with the laptop (cigarette type) you can then locate a cigarette power sourse near by (eg boot/trunk) thats easy to do and cheap. (One that only powers when the car is on AC/Ignition)

    You can use a software shut down program, that will use the battery after power is cut, and then hibernate after a set time limit.

    As for starting the laptop you can buy a kit that will solder to the laptops power button, and simulate the power button being pressed when the car starts.

    Other way is to go for the Carintex range, which involves alot more wiring...
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