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Preplanning peugeot 206cc carputer

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  • Preplanning peugeot 206cc carputer

    So first of all (since I haven't found any introduce yourself section) lemme do so Name's ivan and I'm from serbia. Enough introduction

    about my knowledge - I do know a bit about computers (but mostly software stuff, I do php most of the time, and with it I'm financing this project). Oh and my prime occupation are my studies - I'm studying medicine

    Anyway I would like to put a pc into my (soon to be bought) Peugeot 206cc

    I've read the forums and topics that I landed on (and if you'll just dump me more topics links I would be really greatfull)

    From what I understood, basically the check list goes:
    - power
    - pc
    - monitor
    - stuff in between (including cables and switches)

    Since I am planning to put in a lap top, I need some help with details

    - power - I would like to put and UPS between the car and pc, good idea or not ? (My pros for ups go that it does stabilise power, so instabilities would be "cleaned" and lap top not affected). I frankly don't have even a near guess what UPS to use Other option that I saw here is just getting a lighter plug for it, if it does have surge protection this would be a way to go for me

    - laptop - eeePC 4G Surf. I think that it doesn't eat much power from the specs and it does the job I need it to do Question: can I just get a USB hub to multiply number of USBs I have ? (since eeePC has only 2 USBs ver 2.0 and I would need at least 4 or 5 of them (including wireless keyboard I just noticed here mentioned on forums (that thingie from PS3), 1 for touchscreen, 2 for custom monitors and 1 or 2 free for plugging other stuff and from what I understood power for these USBs can be a problem, so how to solve this? )

    - monitor - something like this the features I need are that it's in dash (motorized or not) for security reasons (radio stealing is quite common in serbia, they just break your window and grab your radio/monitor/what ever) and of course touch screen

    I would also need advice with getting audio done (just replace fabric in door speakers with a bit stronger ones), so would an external (usb port) sound card do ?

    Have I missed anything ? Any ideas, suggestions, DO's and DONT's etc ... ?

    p.s. the custom screens won't be done by myself, I'll get them set up by third party, but would like to do everything else by myself