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Small display for a Hayabusa?

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  • Small display for a Hayabusa?

    I was wondering if anybody knows about a small display that would fit near or above the gauge cluster of a Suzuki Hayabusa, i doesnt matter if it is water-proof because i caan do that myself. Thanks!

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    Can you show us a picture of the gauge cluster?


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      Yeah here they are, and if its any help the frame is an '03[IMG][/IMG]


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        ok few questions for you

        is this for a computer?

        does it need to bee touch screen?

        the reason i ask i havent seen any touch screen vga monitors under 7 inch but i know you can buy wats called a raw monitor and i have seen them as samll as 2.5

        most people i know including myself have used 6 inch monitors on there motorcycles

        you can find alot of screens on ebay hope this helps


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          yeah i was going to build a computer for the bike
          Creative HS-600 Circumaural Headset
          Item #:N82E16826158052

          Intel BOXD945GCLF Atom processor Intel 945GC Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo
          Item #:N82E16813121342

          2x-- SYBA SY-IDE2MC-4B IDE to CF/MMC/MS/SD Adapter
          Item #:N82E16812186048

          A-DATA 32GB Compact Flash (CF) Flash Card Model SPEEDY CF 32G
          Item #:N82E16820211244

          ASUS WL-167g USB 2.0 WLAN Adapter (pen-type)
          Item #:N82E16833320107

          A-DATA 8GB Compact Flash (CF) Flash Card
          Item #:N82E16820211259

          VANTEC CB-IS100 IDE to SATA converter
          Item #:N82E16812232004

          Grand Total: $313.92
          (i already have a 2 gig ram stick and a few OS's to choose from)
          So the mobo has standard VGA out, it doesn't have to be a touch screen because im sure that i could find a touch overlay somewhere.
          thanks for the help, i just want to get everything strait before i start to buy this stuff


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            They make them as small as 3.5" with VGA touch screens:


            Not sure if that would be big enough with gloves on though, so I'd say something bigger would be better.

            If you want a non-touch screen, you can do this:


            Decent prices:


            Up to 25:9 aspect ratio...

            It all really depends on what you will do with the bike...
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