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Hello - Trouble with CAN message IDs

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  • Hello - Trouble with CAN message IDs

    Hello Enthusiasts,

    I am trying to get a CAN OBDII interface working, and got stuck on the issue of CAN message IDs. All of my initial testing was on a 2004 Ford Explorer, and everything worked fine. I was just looking for standard CARB data, e.g., engine temp, RPM, etc.

    In order to get this information, I would send a Service $01 query followed by the specific PID. The baud rate was 500kbps, the 11-bit transmit message ID was $7DF, and the 11-bit receive message ID (ECU response) was $7E8. I found the message IDs in an OBDII wiki, but that's all it had.

    I figured that I had it working great. Hah! I tried the interface on a couple of other vehicles - a relatively new Mini and a Jeep. I got nothing in response to my queries. I can only talk to certain Fords, it seems. . .

    I figure that I must not be using the correct message IDs or something. I have tried searching for this information on the web and in various forums, but really haven't found much. I even got some ISO documentation, but that stuff seems like it's written by lawyers, not engineers. It's not very friendly in the fashion of "here's how you do something".

    If any of you kind people out there can nudge me ahead with some help, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Are there no CAN gurus around here? If not, can someone point me to the right place?