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  • Newbie with a problem

    Firstly, Hi, I have been reading through the forums a lot lately and am now ready to start building my first carpc.

    I have purchased an M2-ATX PSU, and an old(ish) S/H Fujistu Siemens motherboard off ebay

    I have tested the psu and found it works how I want it, so I wired up my mobo to a standard ATX PSU so that I could set everything up indoors, in the warm

    Last night I noticed that despite the PC being off, my belkin bluetooth USB adaptor was still flashing (powered) although (obviously) wasn't giving a signal lol.

    Does anyone know a way to stop this happening, it is plugged in directly to the on-board usb adaptors (the ones soldered to the mobo).

    Look forward to a response!!

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    i think that regular PSU keep powering the mobo (including usb ports) even when the PC is powered off..the only way to turn that off is to unplug the PSU's power cord from the wall or turn the PSU off (some PSU have a little switch in the back).
    Now i think that the M2 cuts the power completely after a while, so that your battery won't go flat..(i know the DSATX and the M3 does that..i don't remember whether the M2 does it as well)


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      Would that vary between motherboards, because I use excatly the same psu on my other computer and it doesn't keep the bluetooth usb powered when its off??

      Also, In the other USB port I have my Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO usb adapter plugged in and that doesn't stayed powered (or at least its light dont flash??)


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        How long was it flashing for? Nomader is right, the m2atx shuts off all power after a certain amount of time (determined by you) so you wouldn't have to worry about it draining your battery.


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          It doesn't stop.
          Even if I plugged it in once the power is off, it will still start flashing?!


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            It might be a motherboard/PSU thing. But when you use the M2ATX, this wont happen because it will completely shutoff power to your mobo.