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I have made 3 posts, but none have shown!

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  • I have made 3 posts, but none have shown!

    Hi, long time browser, first time poster (a while ago).

    I created a thread in the LCD section, and I guess it needed approval. It was a question about an LCD controller's compatabiltiy with a certain LCD. No thread was ever created, I attributed this to me being new, and that it needed authorization. This was a week or so ago.

    I posted in response to a question, in the OS OPtimization subforum, to no avail.

    I posted in the Technical/laptop subforum, in response to a question. Was my post deleted?

    Admin, please! How do I make a first post around here??

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    You just did

    I noticed that too when I made a post on a thread (which would have been my first post). It had a link in it and I thought that due to me being new, it may not allow links.


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      Oh, I did not know that. But not even a warning?? :-C My posts are lost to teh internets.