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Hi people, new build, my list, any help :)?

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  • Hi people, new build, my list, any help :)?

    Hi guys.
    Im installing a carpc into my mondeo 2002.

    Heres what ive purchased, and already got.
    if anyone has any suggestions on where i could of gone wrong let me know.

    Dell D600 Laptop & docking station.
    150W Power invertor running off my car amp in boot
    Lilliput EBY701 Vga screen for dash
    Centrafuse 2.0 Europe Navigation front end
    USB GPS Unit

    Im waiting on the lilliput before i go ahead and put everything in, just wondering if theres anything im missing or going wrongly about?

    Cant wait to get a carpc in there, i simply hate standard cd players and suchlike!!

    Thanks in advance, Scott. UK.

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    Howdy Scott

    Looks good. Where are you putting your laptop? You may need a keyboard/mouse if your putting it under the seat or somewhere where you can't get to it easily.

    Also, how are you powering this? A DC-AC inverter hooked up to your amp? So that it automatically turns on during ignition?


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      Its going in the boot, hidden away.
      As for power, yeah i got a 150w invertor from halfords, spliced off the ciggy adaptor and powered it off my audio amp in the boot (ignition feed from headunit), but when i take out the headunit ill need to find another iginition wire to turn on the amp and the invertor.

      as for keyb/mouse, i shouldnt ever need it as Centrfuse 2.0 boots up when the laptop does.

      if i ever need maintenance ill just undock the lappy and take it indoors n do it


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        Originally posted by scottgore View Post
        Its going in the boot, hidden away.
        As for power, yeah i got a 150w invertor from halfords, spliced off the ciggy adaptor and powered it off my audio amp in the boot
        wow... different worlds lol i mistook what you meant by boot

        fun stuff, if i had a good spare laptop, id do the same thing. What are the specs of the D600?


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          pretty crap really,

          p4 M 1.6ghz
          512mb ram
          intel vga
          30gb hard drive

          enough to run centrafuse

          running a USB lead to the center compartment, so i can use a usb stick to hold the music mainly though, as my taste changes every week.
          obviously ill have a big archive on the main hard drive of laptop, but a 4gb stick will be sufficient for the weekly charts etc.


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            hey, whatever works. My first carputer (before i knew what a carputer was) was a dell c610 p3 1.2 with 600-ish RAM. It ran GPS and everything else perfectly.

            How are you going to turn on your laptop while your in the car?


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              this is the only worry i have, hibernation etcetc.

              im going to hack into the laptop button and place a standard push button somewhere on my dash to turn it on,
              BUT, how do you guys go about turning it off, do you make it go into hibernation , or complete shutdown.

              i was wondering becuase hibernation may run the laptop battery out as it will not have any power source when ignition is off...but i dont want the 40second delay on bootup time everytime i get in the car.


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                I turn my puter off everytime i get out of the car unless i go into the store or something, i usually just put it in standby. I think you could get away with hibernation unless have the habit of not using your car for a week or so. Worse case scenario, your laptop battery dies. If you had a mini-itx like myself, then your biggest fear would be your car battery dying.

                My boot time is like 20 secs or so, so i don't mind it booting up. There are ways you can decrease your boot time significantly.


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                  very true,
                  i have a Small form factor core2duo with 2gb of ram kicking around doing nothing

                  may go with that instead of the laptop yet, not sure,,all depends on whether i want to fork out for a larger invertor than what i have (150w), as the wattage of the psu in the pc is 275W

                  we'll see how the laptop performs when the lilliput turns up.


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                    i think your laptop will be perfect, put a little more RAM and possibly a bigger hard drive and your set. Core2duo and 2gb of RAM is a little overkill unless you're doing some major compiling while your driving, which i don't recommend.

                    The whole button concept that you mentioned before can be pretty tricky. Some people have modified the laptop where they soldered a jumper somewhere and it makes it so it automatically starts up when power is sensed through the power brick.


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                      that sounds good, but i think ill just stick with switching it on as i get in the car,

                      this is pretty simple with dell laptops as the bit above the keyboard pulls off with full access to the power switch which shouldn't be too difficult to solder onto.

                      if not i got a few docking stations i can smash apart to try and get to their power switches although it looks a hell of a lot harder this way.


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                        Yea my dell c610 was like that, i just had trouble as when i tried jumping the switch, i wouldnt work for me but yours is newer so who knows. The docking bay switch is a good idea as well, that way if you want to take it out of your car, you dont have to worry about a plug/adapter.