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  • New guy!

    Hey all,

    Firstly would like to say, awesome forum. I've been a silent voyeur of the forums for quite some time now.

    Here's my setup for my intended build.

    IBM Thiinkpad T22
    USB2 PCMCIA Card
    DLink Wireless PCMCIA Card
    USB Bluetooth adapter
    Voyager-Systems 5.6" Screen

    A Tiny version of Win XP
    RoadRunner front-end

    I'm a techy at heart and love to get my hands dirty and burnt with a soldering iron.

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    is the t22 a p3?

    Looks good though! What are you planning on doing with it?


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      Yeah Spec of my T22 is:

      Intel Mobile Pentium III 900 MHz
      S3 Savage IX8+ video controller with 8MB
      14.1" TFT display with 1024x768 resolution
      256 MB PC-100 memory
      20GB 2.5" HDD
      CS4624B/CS4297A Audio controller
      Intel PRO/100 SP Mobile Combo Adapter
      2x Type II CardBus slots or (1) type III

      I currently have 2 problems with it so my plan is to fix those first.

      1. Batteries do not charge. I've tried 2 different batteries and 2 different ac adapters but no joy.
      2. I cant get the S-video to output to the Voyager screen which has an AV 3.5mm jack input.

      My overall objective is to have something that is all in one.
      - Music
      - Movies
      - TV
      - Internet
      - Email
      - GPS
      - Mobile Phone control (Making, recieving calls, reading, writing txt msgs etc)


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        the voyager screen doesn't have VGA input?


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          the voyager screen doesn't have VGA input?
          No, its an old screen from an in car vhs player. I havent looked at the actual PCB yet to see if it will accept RGB inputs though.


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            Judging by your name, i assume you don't want to buy a lilliput and put that in?


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              Nah I enjoy the challenge of making what I have work.

              Sad I know!


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                It might run a little slow with such a small amount of memory...
                All of the use's you are aiming for will be big on mem usage.

                But I am sure you'll get the bug like many on here and quickly start upgrading :-)
                BMW E46 (year 2000)
                CARPC installed and working!!


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                  Quality of the screen will also suffer a lot but to each his own!


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                    Memory will be an issue. The max the laptop can manager is 512mb which should be enough. I wont be running all the services at the same time. Mobile services will be running continuously. Other than that, no more than 2 others will run at the same time. For example; Mobile+Music+GPS or Mobile+Web+Music etc.

                    Anyone know how to successfully output S-video signal to an AV 3.5mm jack on a 5.6" screen? Video is NOT my strong point.


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                      well i think you're going to want to get up to that 512 mb point.

                      As for the s-video question, you might be able to run a series of adapters that go from s-video to RCA video then to your 3.5mm jack. I would just google a bunch of adapters.




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                        That's the method I'm currently working with.

                        S-Video Cable --> S-video to Composite adapter --> Composite to 3.5mm cable.

                        The onboard graphics is an S3 Savage IX but the TV settings are greyed out as if it cant deted the screen.


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                          wait, so can you get it to switch to your s-video screen or not?


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                            No I can't. All settings relating to TV out are greyed out and cant be chaged/turned on etc.


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                              hmm, that usually means the computer didn't find a valid video signal to send it to. Can you try hooking it up to a normal TV just to make sure you cables aren't bad?