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'07 Scion tC - Newb Plan-advice

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  • '07 Scion tC - Newb Plan-advice

    So I've been reading through just about everything I can on the car PC subject (here and elsewhere, retail sites, etc..)

    I am good with computers and electronics (I couldn't count the number of PC's I've built, servers, troubleshooting.) I'm a software engineer and open source hacker. Needless to say, I've got the computer hardware part down =)

    I know next to nothing about car electronics (well, knew next to nothing. I know a bit more after educating myself). I'm still a bit fuzzy on power supplies for autos, but I am fairly certain I can puzzle through that with some more research.

    So, let's get to the plan. Here are my thoughts, and I would greatly appreciate any advice, links, how-tos, or people's completed tC projects (I think I found all the scion posts I could on these boards and studied them religously).

    The end goal of this is to run:
    Media (video/audio)
    Sirius Satellite Radio
    Backup Cam
    From a computer in the trunk. I plan to put a touchscreen in the double din slot in the dash, and mount the stock headunit and a CD/DVD ROM in the glove box.

    I want to do this all in stages (as this is my only mode of transportation to/from work), so here my steps:

    1: Move Headunit to glovebox
    2: Install display in dash (with wiring to the trunk for VGA/USB)
    3: Use spare laptop in trunk as PC (to start, this eventually will get updated) using an inverter (requires booting laptop up manually, and I am OK with this to start.)
    4: Wire system for audio

    That's the first install step. Here are what I plan on using (THIS IS WHERE ADVICE IS MOST APPRECIATED)

    Touchscreen and double din mount from here
    Another poster on this site had success using this, I plan to use kit4. I'd like to be able to revert to factory at some point when I plan. Does anyone know if this will/will not work, or special mods I might need?

    That's the tricky part for me, is installing the touchscreen. Everything else I believe I can do (or figure out). Once that set up works, I will replace the laptop with a small form factor PC with a PSU to power the unit up on ignition. This is also when I will add GPS, ODB-II, Satellite radio and backup cam (it will be a USB webcam).

    Please, if anyone sees any flaws in my plan or anything, please let me know. I made out this plan so I could ask before I took things apart and spent money, only to find out it was flawed in some way.

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    I'm watching this thread for my own 2009 Scion tC install.


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      i believe that the other poster you are talking about is me, as for mods for the mech kit, you're going to have to extentd the mounting holes by about 1/2" in order for the screen to clear the waterfall beazel.
      as for moving your radio for to the glove box, you can buy an aftermarket wiring harness, you are going to need 2, the one that connects to the car's harness, and the one that connects to the radio, lucky you i know the part numbers

      Metra Electronics Corp. 70-1761
      Toyota 1987-Up - Into Car

      Metra Electronics Corp. 71-1761
      Toyota 1987-Up - Into OEM Radio

      now if you don't care about cutting into the car's harness to extend the connector you won't need'em, as far as the third plug in the back, it's for the steering wheel controls, i'm using a car2pc adapter so i had to extend the third plug aswell but this one i have to cut and extend because no one makes the male/female connectors, and lastly you are going to need the double din kit to cover the holes on the sides of the screen, i just cutted the mounting legs and used hot glue to mount the "kit" on the sides of the screen, i call it "kit" because it's 2 pices of damn plastic, there is a picture of it at just do a search for the part #

      Metra Electronics Corp. 95-8202
      Toyota Multi applicaion radio installation Kit For double DIN or stacked ISO mount units

      let me know if you need more help i might be able to take a pic of my screen mounted without the dash so you can see the mounting modifications, but don't pm me my inbox is full, e-mail me.
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        Injector - On your set up, you routed your audio cables to the car2pc adapter and then on to the original stock head unit? Where did you put the head unit? I'd like to make my install without a head unit, just run the speaker out/headphone cables to an amplifier and then onto the stock speakers.
        Also, by eliminating my stock head unit, the steering wheel controls will not function anymore.. I found a post on here for using a keyboard/joystick emulator, has anyone tried this setup on a Scion tC?


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          my OEM head unit is in the glove box along with the scar2pc adapter.
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          Bluetooth Audio Gateway Tutorial

          How to speed up boot with buried features in msconfig


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            Injector, what is your email? PM it to me if you don't want to post it on the boards.

            Also, do you have pics of the headunit mounted in the glovebox?


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              if you click on my s/n then view public profile there's a link to e-mail me
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              Bluetooth Audio Gateway Tutorial

              How to speed up boot with buried features in msconfig