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  • Hi there!

    Hi there, im new to car PC's but have a basic understanding of automotive electrics, and a great understanding of computers.

    I recently bought a completly unused carpc from a guy at work for £100, XP had'nt even been activated it on yet so i got a virgin machine for a sweet price

    However... im having some last minute doubts, I've checked the internal PSU which is an M2-ATX, it has a 15amp fuse in it.

    I've yet to test how much the machine will draw, is 15 amps to high a fuse?
    I really don't want anything to go pop! as im so close!

    I will of course be placing fuses on live inputs, my main concern is the internal fuse.

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    As for your fuse, the m2-atx is 160w so drawing 12v from the car is about 13.333333A. Since they don't maybe 13.33333A fuses, you might be able to get away with a 13A or even a 12A fuse depending on how much power you're drawing.

    So, dont worry about the fuse, i have a m2atx and it has the 15A fuse and its fine. The reason its there is because if the voltage of the battery dips below 12v, its gonna need to such more amps to make up for the lower voltage.


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      Brilliant thanks very much!

      However im back to stage one now, the Lilliput monitor I was about to buy died whilst testing out another front end, didnt change anything on my test rig, and suddenly no power

      Luckily I hav'nt yet paid for it.


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        yea dont buy... lol. Thats weird that it would just cut out on you like that. How were you powering the monitor?


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          from a bench power supply at work, i can't explain it either, i work with 4"-13" TFT's all the time, ive never seen one just suddenly stop working, im not exactly an expert though.

          I've seen many with to much voltage, or reversed polarity, and none of the tell-tale signs of each, very confusing. Ive also been told its 18 months old, so maybe its at the end of its life?


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            hmmm shouldn't. Electronics are just like that though...


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              yay! i repaired it, turns out one of the ribbon connectors was slightly loose!