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  • Automatic boot up.

    hi guys.

    im looking at putting an desktop i have lying around in my car. as i was researching how to go about this i stumbled upon this website and its great wealth of infomation.

    as it is somewhat more powerfull than alot of the systems people are putting in their cars it will need to run of at least a 400w inverter and (possibly connected to a secondary battery to avoid draining my main one). i intend to just use the standard windows xp pro as its os. i intend to have the inverter set up to power up when iginition is set.

    anyway im wondering how i can go about setting my computer up that it will automatically boot up as soon as power is supplied (so that i dont need to press a button each time). also wondering what kind of solutions you guys have come up with so that the computer can shut down properly as oposed to simply pulling the plug out.

    i have found this trick on silicon chip which should allow my computer to boot automatically but i am wondering what other options are out there.

    as for shutting down my only thought is to install a boost controller to keep the engine running a bit longer, thus giving my computer time to properly shut down.

    cheers veq.

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    You could hookup your inverter to your secondary battery and then take it apart, hookup a relay in parallel (or series if you want) to main switch. And then hook in the ignition wire to the relay to tell it when you key is in the ignition. Then you could do all that business with the capacitor and resistor. You could then have time to shut down the computer without having to have your engine on.

    edit: The reason i say series or parallel is that if you want the flip switch to be a "MASTER" switch then you want the relay to be in series. This why if for some reason you don't want the inverter on, you can just simply turn the switch OFF. But you need both switches ON to turn the inverter on. In parallel, the switch or the relay could turn on the power supply but both would have to be off in order for the inverter to turn off.