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Speaker wire to RCA cable to amp

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  • Speaker wire to RCA cable to amp

    Hi there new here, I recently got a 4 channel amp to go along with my car system since my mb quarts are being a little underpowered and un crossovered by the head unit. I have a bit of a situaion though. On the head unit its all speaker wires and 2 rca cable outputs for the sub. I already have the sub output filled so my question is can I take the powered speaker wire going to the speakers cut them and splice into a RCA cable and hook them up to the amp in order to make this setup work? If you can help me out that be great thanks!

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    o forgot to mention the inputs on the amp are rca only thats why im having trouble lol


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      No. You need to buy a line output converter to convert the hi level speaker out into low level RCA.


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        thanks man i tried it cause i couldnt wait obviously didnt work but i ended up finding and old amp of mine that worked fine that didnt have rca cable thanks man


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          i assume you have a amp hooked up already if your wanting to run another amp jus run rca from the first amp rca outputs to the new amps rca inputs hi/low converters suck and shouldnt be used unless there is no other way to do it