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  • First CarPC Project

    Ok this is my first time at this project so can someone help in relations to the parts and my setup diagram to make sure everything is ok and im not missing any parts needed. Thanks to everyone for helping a newbie like myself.

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    The switch you have pictured going to your mobo, what's that for? I hope it isn't to turn on the PC, because that one pictured won't do the job hooked straight to your mobo. You could use it on the IGN wire for your PSU. That's what I did in my setup.

    Also, you need a negative line for your PSU. And you can use the Amp-on feature of the PSU pictured to turn on your Amp.
    03 Accord Sedan CarPC


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      Yeah, I agree about the power switch.
      Now, you can use the PSU in "dumb mode" and manually power the PC on/off with the switch, if that's what you want. Most people prefer the convenience of having the PC boot up when you turn on the ignition.

      You have the amp power running from the battery, and another power line going to a distro block, then to the PC PSU.
      Why not run one power line to the distro block and then power from there to both the amp and the PC?
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Thanks Alot bredrens, i appreciate the help....ok i've altered the diagram. i've posted the newer diagram below. Ok so the switch will come from the PSU and connect the the ignition line correct? which means the carpc, amp and lcd can be powered when i'm washing my car right? or the switch is not really necessary then? The new diagram is below;


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          Ok this is my Trunk case i designed that will hold the CarPC, AMP, USB 4-Port Hub, TPMS, Distribution Block....Nicely Designed To Mount To My Car Seat With Lots Of Ventilation to allow cool air to enter. The white areas symbolizes that trunk clothe material that i have no idea of it's name..Will be easily access either from the back trunk or putting down the backseat and simply flipping the top cover upwards how kool is that.

          From Top View



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            Here is an edited copy of your picture, showing how I would recommend wiring it for what you're trying to do. The way you had it wired it would ONLY be on when the switch is ON, because you had your ignition wiring running through the switch. Which is fine if you want to manually switch it on all the time, but when you forget to turn it off your system won't turn off.

            The way I show the wiring, it will be on whenever the ignition is on, regardless of switch position, but then when ignition is turned off, you can still flip the switch to turn the system on. The diodes are in place to prevent voltage from passing from your 12v constant to the ignition wiring when the switch is flipped, that way you don't power every other circuit that runs off the ignition whenever it is on. It will ONLY power the carpc system when switched on.
            The diode on the switch wiring may or may not be necessary, but it is a good idea to isolate the two circuits like this anyway, and diodes are cheap. Stripe side of the diode goes towards the power supply, so it only allows current to flow TO the supply, not back.

            I hope that helps in some small way.


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              ok thanks alot, i appreciate it...ok can i add another fuse between the Distribution Block and the PSU?....ok another thing i wanted to ask, if the PC is on whiles im driving and i get a call on my mobile and im playing music, but the mobile is sync with the pc, will me getting the call lower the sound of my music automatically? Because i want to make sure that happens.

              And next question has to do with size wires, size fuses..i guess they cant be answered until i get the AMP correct?


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                I'm not sure what is available for carpc's in the way of muting sound during phone calls automatically, but you used to be able to get a device that would shut off your amplifier, or mute your head unit (if it had a mute wire) when you received a call, but this was mainly for phones with an in car wired base. I am sure you can do the same using bluetooth devices now, but I'm not sure WHAT device or software is needed to do it with the carpc and have it just mute the sound when receiving a call. I too would like to know though. It may already have been answered in these forums though, so let me know if you find it during a search. I'll search myself later when I'm ready to play with that, but I'm not one to care about muting when a call comes in (I rarely answer my phone while in the car driving, and if I do, I can reach the controls to turn things down).

                If your distribution block is fused, but you need more fused outputs, or have a device that requires a smaller fuse size, yes you could put another fuse inline, just make sure the first fuse in the distro block is sized properly for the load of all devices being fed off of it. Also, don't forget to install a fuse at the battery, or appropriate size for your power wiring (that fuse is NOT based on the load of the items connected, it is based on the wire size and it's current handling. This fuse is to protect the CAR in the event of an accident of anything that could pinch the power wire). Your wire size will be based on what all you'll be running. I prefer overkill with my main power wiring, so I tend to oversize my main power wiring, to the distribution block, and then use appropriate gauge wiring from the block to all my devices, with separate fusing for each device inline (unless the device has a fuse built in). My last few systems had 1/0 main power wire, running to a block, which fed 4ga to each of 4 1100 watt amplifiers, 8ga to smaller amplifiers for components, and 8ga-14ga for other items, depending on the requirement for each device.

                Grounds all at one spot on BARE metal (find a good spot, sand down the surface to bare metal, drill a hole, ring terminals on each ground for each device, bolt through each ring terminal, through hole in vehicle, fasten with nut and lock washers, then put some paint over the top, or at least use some grease or other material to prevent corrosion/rust).


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                  ok i will update you on the specs for the components, once i get the amp, but im ordering the pc system from mp3car store, i also have to get the material for the bezel i think its epoxy resin correct? and about the feature with adjusting the sound, ill be using Bluetooth, so ill talk to a programmer i know and see if he can put something together.


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                    I like the way SPElectronics set up the switch. I didn't think to do it that way. With my setup, I have the IGN wire going to the switch, so I can leave it flipped and not have to worry about not turning it off. Also, I can prevent the PC from turning on when I take short trips, like trips so short the Pc doesn't even come out of hibernation before I get there. I like having that. Also, I can prevent the PC from coming on if the car goes in for service, I wouldn't want people who don't know what they're doing fiddling with my setup because they don't want to listen to my music while the bring my car into/out of the shop.
                    03 Accord Sedan CarPC


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                      Yeah, it's not a bad idea to have another switch to disable the "ignition" on feature, sort of a valet mode for when the vehicle is at the shop, or when you just don't want it on, but that's just more wiring/switches to deal with, and more stuff to go wrong or to forget about. Be wondering why your system isn't coming on, and realize later you had switched it off by accident, or one of your kids did it. lol

                      If you have a car alarm, and you put it in valet mode for the mechanic, just set up a relay to disable the carpc whenever the alarm is in valet mode...


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                        haven't found anything for that bluetooth automatic audio level adjustment SPElectronics, but i see SKYPE has a similar feature if your using winamp, and get call through skype, it automatically adjusts your music level. OK as for the LCD, even though it will be mounted into the dash bezel, i want to be able to adjust the screen's angle for better viewing, i'm trying to put together to the components for adjusting the screen...Sorta like how the G4 Infill is.


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                          Ok SPElectronics i found a website that states that the stereo system will be muted when a call is connect.