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My first carpc project

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  • My first carpc project


    I'm new to posting on the forums although I've spent quite a few months doing research on my upcoming project. The information here is invaluable and I'd like to thank the mp3car hosts and members for this resource.

    Basically my project is similar to We have a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid with factory NAV that I want to rip out and replace with the mini. The only reason we bought the factory NAV was for the hybrid energy flow/instant MPG but overtime this novelty has worn off. There are also numerous annoying things about the NAV (having to press an AGREE button at each power on, spending $300+ for new maps, it getting confused all the time, etc.). My biggest challenges right now are finding a decent shop around town to help with the install, and getting everything working well enough to pass the WAF.