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Making Fibreglass Dashboards, Sub Boxes ect.

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  • Making Fibreglass Dashboards, Sub Boxes ect.

    Things needed
    Fibreglass Mat
    Fibreglass Resin
    Staple Gun
    MDF/Pine FJ
    Wood Glue/Superglue
    Screws (Wood screws and Screws to hold frame)
    Paint Gun

    1. Making the frame -
    To make the frame of anything fibreglass use MDF/Pine FJ. Cut small bones/pieces to create a puzzle, after cutting them you should label them to make sure they go back where they belong. After that is done Bolt the main support bones in (make sure the bolts are accessible or the fibreglass will not come out). Once the supports are bolted in, attach the rest of the bones by using superglue/wood glue and some type of wood screw. And that’s the frame done.
    2. Preparation of the fibreglass –
    After the frame is bolted into place and all glued together, you have to roll cotton fabric (make sure the cotton is thin because if it is thick it is more likely to warp and crack when it is near high temperature or under extreme pressure) cover the frame and staple it down, and the staple gun is great for this.
    3. Making the fibreglass –
    After the cotton fabric is rolled over the frame, you should have some resemblance of your finished job. Now you have to brush one coat of fibreglass resin over the cloth this is enough to make the cloth hard. Once the resin has dried the cloth should be hard. After this has been done you should have a big resemblance on what you imagined it to look like. Once the first layer of resin is cured you can reinforce it with fibreglass matting. To make this easier you can cut the mats into smaller pieces (depending on how many curves you have on your surface) If the surfaces are curved but the strips 3 inches thick and the tear them into squares, the tearing helps the mat attach to the curved edges and contours. To reinforce it you gradually put one layer of matting down and put the resin over it, you do not even have to wait for the layer underneath to dry and set. You should do at least five to eight layers.
    4. After the fibreglass –
    After the fibreglass has set you can take it out of the car by unscrewing the bolts that you put in while making the frame. You then can sand it to make a nice smooth finish, after the sanding grab your paint gun or if you want to bodgie it up just use your paint brush, but I would not recommend it.

    If you have any questions email me on [email protected]. Make sure the topic is set to FIBREGLASS