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Special fit car dvd for Hyundai Santa fe

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  • Special fit car dvd for Hyundai Santa fe

    Hello everyone! I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe and recently I came across some interesting Chinese devices designed especially for my SUV. The first one is the Witson W2-D772Y and the other one is the Waywell WD6001BG which as I understood from the information provided by the factory is basically the same. My question is whether someone knows something more about these products and can share some information with me, because I am planning to order the Waywell model. I am looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance!

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    Silvester - Did you end up getting one? I've yet to buy a Santa Fe but planning to get the 2009 version which I've just learned has no ipod integration if I get the LG Nav. I'm stunned. So now I'm trying to scramble. I see no aftermarket iPhone integration devices available anywhere.